Spirit Speaks: June 2015

Speak to us of why some people struggle while others seem able to glide through life… What is viewed as struggle or ease in life are a result of conditions some may call karma. Karma is the result of many centuries of observation in what is known as cause and effect. The effect is individual … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: June 2015

Spirit Speaks: June 2014

Speak to us of carrying our past into our future… Your wives are not your mothers and your husbands are not your fathers. When you have not completed the lessons from your past lives, they flow forward into your present lifetime. You are giving yourself the gift of repetition that you may heal a wound, … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: June 2014

Spirit Speaks: May 2010

Speak to us of Mothers… Mothers love you. This is a broad statement that we make and one entirely of the Truth. We see mothers as the generous souls that they are. You may see them from only an Earthly perspective. Seen from either view…mothers love you. It is the roll they have undertaken in … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: May 2010

Spirit Speaks: June 2008

Speak to us of Sacrifice… Your world sees sacrifice as giving up something of value for the betterment or benefit of something or someone of greater value. We never see anything as sacrifice. We see only the whole of creation as working with one another… no sacrifice, no competition, and no disharmony. When you are … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: June 2008

Spirit Speaks: June 2000

Speak to us of the purpose of karma… Karma is the barometer you use to measure the existence in the Universe. Only humankind feels a need to add purpose to something that already IS. God and the Angels are complete with knowing simply that it IS and need no other reason. How do humans use … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: June 2000