Mother’s Blessings: The Gifts of Motherhood

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Blessings: The Gifts of Motherhood”

  1. I’ve always felt there. Was more out there. Our momma aka, Mary Constance Wolf-Pheffer Lamont Pheffer. Loved all children, this explains sooo much! My mommas love was a blessing, she loved being a mother. She worked day & night as single mom. To make ends meet , Patricia Ann

  2. That was very intense , & very caring. It’s comforting to know you do not hold grudges! I’m only sorry you didn’t get a chance to meet her! I went to live with my Dad when I was nine. I didn’t see my mother for 14 years, so I know what you went through! She was a remarkable woman,! I moved back to KC when I was pregnant with my second child! I found out I had another sister at 27 I didn’t know I had! I’m only sorry we didn’t know about you!

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