With What Animals Will We Be Working in April? (video)

Stephanie Syd Yang, Teacher, Faculty Advisor for the Intuitive Arts program at Matrix International University, and Intuitive Reader and Healer, pulls from the Medicine Cards Oracle to see which animals walk with us for April 2015.Stephanie will be co-teaching a meditation class with Scott this month, co-teaching our Altars of the Elements class (which goes … Continue reading With What Animals Will We Be Working in April? (video)

Spirit Speaks: May 2013

Speak to us of seeing our life’s purpose… You chose to be upon this planet and in this life as a tribute to the Divine. There is no other reason for your being-ness. When your life is moving in the direction of your purpose, then your life moves with relative ease, and lack of fear. … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: May 2013

Spirit Speaks: July 2011

Do not submit to fear. Fear does not serve you. It does not create the world of which you are dreaming. When you focus on your fears, you place all you energy – dreams, emotions, thoughts – into that which you are fearing. There are many avenues currently instigating fear, they are not accurate. We … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: July 2011