Spirit Speaks: July 2013

Speak to us of transforming negative vibrations… Your fears create your negative vibrations. Negative vibrations residing within the cells of your body, within your chakras, within your homes, and work spaces. Thus, it is not the negative vibrations that are in need of changing and transforming, but the fears are with their creations. What is … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: July 2013

Spirit Speaks: June 2012

Guest Channel: Ayamanatara Speak to us of the coming changes… We have been talking about global paradigm shift on a revolutionary scale. We are not sure we are being understood. The opportunity has arrived for EVERYTHING to change, and everything will change. The question becomes merely one of how. Will the general population gather their … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: June 2012

Spirit Speaks: July 2011

Do not submit to fear. Fear does not serve you. It does not create the world of which you are dreaming. When you focus on your fears, you place all you energy – dreams, emotions, thoughts – into that which you are fearing. There are many avenues currently instigating fear, they are not accurate. We … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: July 2011

Spirit Speaks: May 2003

How Can We Handle Stress & Fear? By staying in love within yourself. This is the only way to truly know that all is well with your world and the universe at this time. Most of you are trying to maintain your equilibrium as the world tilts on its emotional axis. Do not forget that … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: May 2003