Spirit Speaks: April 2012

This month’s Spirit Speaks is guest-channeled by Ayamanatara Channel: “What’s going on? What would you have us know?” The crescendo of the current pattern that you are in will come in the beginning of summer. There will come a moment when, if you are on this planet, you will have to stand in your Truth. … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: April 2012

Spirit Speaks: October 2010

Speak to us of the new DNA transformations… As the universes are transforming their configuration, so too, you are transforming how your body implements Light and Energy from both your planet and interplanetary mechanics. Not all humans are experiencing the DNA changes that are happening among you now. These changes are taking place in those … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: October 2010

Spirit Speaks: August 2001

Speak to us of transitions… Movement, holding on, letting go, being free… all these are symptoms of transition. Holding onto the old ways is stifling and will only lead to dissatisfaction and eventual remorse. However, this is what you are seeing in your land today, a restriction of what can be new in exchange for … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: August 2001