Spirit Speaks: March 2014

Speak to us of war and other atrocities… Your world is composed of multiple realities that are playing out at this time. All are connected to human spiritual growth. Most are connected to human ego and the need to dominate one another. All of these acts of domination are attributed to beliefs of fear. These … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: March 2014

Spirit Speaks: June 2011

Speak to us caring for ourselves… The Divine loves you and watches your attempts to care for yourselves and wonders how you sometimes care so little. We encourage you to love yourself. As you love yourself and care for yourself more and more you will begin to feel the essence of love and care connecting … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: June 2011

Spirit Speaks: March 2007

Speak to us of helping others… When you help others, you are helping yourself. This is true no matter what the circumstances or the individuals being helped. Each of you is, simply put, the mirror image of one another and as you see the other you are seeing yourself. When you refuse to help another, … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: March 2007