Whale Nation: A Spirit Speaks Extra

2 thoughts on “Whale Nation: A Spirit Speaks Extra”

  1. A haunting truth beautifully and poignantly expressed by Grandfather Whale. As a species we modern humans are not alone on this earth yet our behavior towards other forms of life reflects a decidedly exclusive non-embrace of the others who share this beautiful planet with us. In these extreme times it is easy to get caught up in the “need to have” on so many levels which is the result of our blind overreaching capitalistic sense of entitlement at any cost. My sincere hope is that we begin to awaken to the deepest truth of who we all are–hidden and seen–and the reality of how far we have strayed from that truth. My hope for us all is that we become more responsive to, and aligned with, the agreements we have made however dimly remembered. Reaching out and tuning in through meditation, prayer, and/or affirmation are simple ways to begin that process of re-connection. Thank you Grandfather Whale for speaking the hard and beautiful truth.

    1. Beautiful Rene.

      Thank you so much for commenting. The way inward, through contemplative practices, is really the best way to understand ourselves, one another, and all beings.

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