The Tone for April 2015 (video)

Ora Nance-Woodley, Instructor, Reader, and Healer at Matrix International University and Crystal Matrix, talks about the Solfeggio tone 852hz (LA), and why it’s helpful for March 2015. She offers questions for contemplation, as well as playing the tone for us. Ora will be continuing her class in Sound Healing this month, co-teaching the Altars of … Continue reading The Tone for April 2015 (video)

Spirit Speaks: June 1998

Space and time move together to a universal end. Space and time, time and space. All move thru the realm of forgiveness. Only humans misunderstand this concept. Forgiveness does not come from a place of forgetfulness but from a space of total loving. How many times have you said, “I forgive and forget”, only to … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: June 1998