Spirit Speaks: May 2011

We are watching the many changes still playing out on your planet. They are many, and they are frequent. They are affecting the all of the energy fields and they will continue to be present for many years to come. What are the most profound occurrences? The solar flares bombarding the planet are working at … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: May 2011

Spirit Speaks: October 2010

Speak to us of the new DNA transformations… As the universes are transforming their configuration, so too, you are transforming how your body implements Light and Energy from both your planet and interplanetary mechanics. Not all humans are experiencing the DNA changes that are happening among you now. These changes are taking place in those … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: October 2010

Spirit Speaks: July 2010

Speak to us of Planetary Changes… One of you stated, “we can do this together, or we can do this alone.” From our perspective, you are all in these planetary changes together. None of you may omit yourself from the changes to come, not the changes that you are seeing. We truly see what is … Continue reading Spirit Speaks: July 2010